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    Thanks Brent, but that raises an interesting question. Do people need to be so explicitly told what to do... or with enough width and decent sight lines, can they just be left to get on with it? Or should we go somewhere in the middle?

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  • Hard News: Nelson Street: Not too…,

    As you say, this isn't the skyline. It performs a different purpose and is in a very different environment, so the image from the City Centre Masterplan isn't practical at this stage. But this was a very popular project from the CCMP, and it's fantastic to see the pace that the NZTA is delivering it, alongside other cycling projects.
    The surface design is a chance to celebrate the route and make it stand out from the grey that surrounds it. Doesn't have to mean flashy.... But that's why we want the feedback. Seeing a few trends emerging from the discussions and feedback so far, and there's been a big response. We hoped for a minimum 400 submissions over the 17 days, but we've passed that already in less than a week.
    Safety, of course, is essential., so the next stage will be establishing what's possible within the technical and safety constraints.

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