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  • Hard News: Mediaworks: The only horizon…, in reply to Kumara Republic,

    There haven't been any pogroms or death squads in the streets just yet.

    Well there seem to be quite a few in Israel and Ukraine to mention just two. If we take Fascism to be a merging of Corporate and Government power (Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power- Benito Mussolini) then that is precisely where we are all heading. Couple that with a controlled media and a spying system that would have given Stasi bosses wet dreams and it's a bleak outlook.

    If I take your point that there are no pogroms/death squads in New Zealand then yes, of course not - we are very easily controllable and would rather die in bed than stand up for ourselves.

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  • Hard News: Mediaworks: The only horizon…,

    Totally agree about RNZ afternoons being a sleepzone - be great to get Campbell in there to shake it up. The decent into Fascism all around the world makes people who speak truth to power all the more important. As much as I respect John Campbell, he's no Chris Hedges (who I rate as the most important Western journalist writing on Fascism today) and the fact that Campbell Live's loss is felt so deeply only shows the paucity of real journalism here in NZ.

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  • Envirologue: Multi-no-choice –…,

    I've been involved in this climate change stuff in one form or another since 1990 and I can't believe it's taken me so long to realise that the politicians are going to do Jack. Nothing, nada, nought. Everyone just needs to make the changes for themselves and maybe the early adopters will be slightly better off - you know, get some solar in, water tanks, get the Hell away from the coast and floodplains and so on.

    Anyone familiar with global dimming will also realise that all that pollution contributing to greenhouse effects also dims some incoming heat. When the pollution gets cut, the heat ramps up. It's a real doosey of a Catch 22.

    So shut the stable door and do all you can - but the horse is a hell of a long way down the track.

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  • Envirologue: Too Big to Fail – Why…, in reply to James Bremner,

    "Mate - ya dreamin'!"

    The rise in the wealth and middle class in China corresponds to a decrease of wealth and middle class in the West. All around the West the middle class is shrinking and trying to maintain their position by taking on ever larger amounts of debt. In the USA the manufacturing base has been gutted - leading to once well off and functioning places like Baltimore being complete basket cases. Similarly many small towns in NZ that had a functioning manufacturing base with jobs and vitality now are ghost towns you speed up through.

    So bully for China and a few Oligarch corporations - sucks for everyone else.

    Anyone who thinks poverty will be eradicated by 2030 by economic growth please up your meds now.

    And comparing left thinking to a vicious psychopathic dictator is just lazy. There are plenty of vicious psychopathic dictators running the world at the moment, economic, religious, political,left, right - doesn't matter when you are the one being screwed.

    Finally, if you think that enacting CC policies will mean peoples lives will be brutish and short you don't have to worry - no one is going to be enacting any CC policies. The Conservatives have won - everywhere! Rejoice! In the future you may even have enough gas to drive the Audi to the water queue.

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  • Hard News: Behind Baltimore, in reply to izogi,

    On a tangent, having viewed this video exactly one time, Youtube and Google seem to have decided many days later that I'm still absolutely interested in viewing CIA conspiracy videos, and not much else.


    No problem - if you police your own mind then the thought police will be out of a job.

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  • Envirologue: Too Big to Fail – Why…,

    Ha ha people like Stamper and James Bremner with fingers in their ears "la la la it's not happening, it's not happening!"

    Today I can sit outside in a T-Shirt, it's a nice 20 degrees with a little rain filling up the water tanks, which I am thankful for. When I was a kid around 30 years ago I would be in a jersey and jacket and there would be a frost more often than not. I went to Dawn Parade a couple of weeks ago in just a shirt, my memories of freezing my nuts at the Parade are getting distant. I don't need a computer model I just have to look around.

    Every article on Climate Disruption has comments that decend into a fight over whether it is happening. I no longer care - I'm getting my ducks in a row to sort myself out. There will be no consensus on it - the Summit in Paris will do nothing. Politicians will do nothing. Idiots like Stamper et al. will do nothing. The cat's out of the bag folks - deal with it best you can or ignore it and hope for the "best" - your choice. Either way we ain't going to stuff the genie back in - she's out and mad as Hell!

    Some will think - oh look at the loony prepper! Well prepping is mainstream now and like fashion - when it's mainstream, "It's over baby!". I don't mind, the deniers can form an orderly queue at my gate (like they used to do for iphones).

    Here's the Daily Mail (the Daily Mail FFS! Hardly a climate change advocate) on the Arctic - which is our global air con by the way - without it we are screwed.

    And here is why Auckland house prices will continue to go up. Hell - we should market ourselves as a climate lifeboat - may as well make some cash out of this shit. Must be plenty of Cali millionaires needing to get outta there. It's the NY Times and they're trying to be positive but we all know the writing is on the wall - or do we?

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  • Hard News: Behind Baltimore,

    Farken scary - Keiser did a show recently on how algorithmic bots were fixing the money markets too. We actually are living the AI future now...

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  • Envirologue: Too Big to Fail – Why…,

    Yeah - what Bart said. I get very pissed off at this term 'alarmists' because looking at the impacts - and not computer models but real impacts - the scenario is pretty damn alarming. Yet scientists who present the facts around climate disruption do so in a totally non-alarming way, you could forgive them for being more strident but of course they must remain professional.

    For an insight into the actual human feelings of these scientists read this.

    For an insight into the very real dangers we face (delivered in a non-alarmist way) I recommend this radio ecoshock interview - it is an excellent discussion (only 500 listens - and yet Gangnam Style broke the internet, a further example of how hard it is to get traction with the message)

    Finally this is Robert Scribbler's blog mentioned in the interview - a great resource

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  • Hard News: Behind Baltimore,

    I like Max Keiser's take on economic issues - I have never seen him get as angry as this as he talks about Baltimore. "Lynching by proxy".

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  • Envirologue: Too Big to Fail – Why…, in reply to ,

    Sorry Steve, I was editing when you where posting.

    No problem - It does raise the point that nuclear power also needs a robust economy that enables plenty of ongoing infrastucture work - another argument against it I would say.

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