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    Hello Francis,

    I think this is what stands in the way, hypothetically, between you and me, or people like me and people like you, no matter how well you listen, or how much effort you give to assisting people in need:

    "... all people are endowed with a morality that is seated in a universal truth set by God (and implanted in various ways, such as culture)."

    Do I need to explain how this undermines your claim that your god exists "inside you"? Do I need to explain the massive social divisions this sugests is the purpose of your god? No, I do not. Firstly because you can go there by memory yourself - something along the lines of "Jesus" coming to break up families and the bonds between people, pitting them against each other - and because I do not want to be responsible for damaging your faith, even if you are responsible for perhaps inadvertently taunting those outside your faith - which may be why people have spat on you in the past.

    This is not because I consider myself "more moral" than you. My style of morality - and immorality - exists without both your internal god, or your more apparent external god. I thought I knew your prefered god once, then he showed me who he really was and we've been "at war" ever since. You will be cheered to know that, so far, he is winning, but I would rather lose; I'd rather be wiped away by the same god that restored Job, than bow in silence to Him.

    To end on a cheery note, if I come across a real god, one that doesn't say one thing and do another; one that, if he wanted to pick a fight, would finish off a mere mortal in a millisecond, I'll let you know. There's no reason why a moral "god" can't exist, even if the christian god treats humanity as a narcisstic source to escape his own struggle for consciouness.

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