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  • Hard News: About Campbell Live, in reply to Joshua Couch,

    So, what if all I want is candy floss? What if I don’t want to eat my veggies?

    The masses calling for us to #SaveCampbellLive are all too often people like me who say “It’s a worthwhile and important programme so they should keep it” followed by the admission that “I don’t actually watch it myself”.

    In effect, “Vegetables should be available to people. Just don’t ask me to eat them.”

    But what if we want to eat our veges but just not in the way that MediaWorks is serving them?

    I really feel like someone needs to write something about the way ratings information is gathered…

    It’s ridiculous that in this day and age the only numbers that matter are the people who watched the programme live-to-air. So many people watch CL in so many different ways. Even if you watch on the TV3 website you still sit through ads – are they counted? The number of shares / tweets videos receive should be counted. It is all valuable to the advertisers.

    I can’t remember the last time I watched CL live-to-air. I watch it later on MySky, or OnDemand, or if I don’t have time to watch the whole show, I just watch the video segments that I’m interested in. In some cases, I have shared videos well after the on-air date. All videos still had advertisements.

    I have never met nor ever heard of anyone who has a ratings box. Who has them? Where are they? When shows like CL depend on these numbers, the whole system just freaks me out. Sad face.

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