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  • Hard News: Sorting out our thinking on drugs,

    I have always thought that it helps in English speaking countries that the word "drugs" is also the word for medicine. In the Netherlands where I live we use the word drugs for everything illegal and criminal and the word medicine (medicijn) for the legal distribution. I believe it helps for people that most common and I think 80% of medicine is the same as the drugs sold for recreational use.
    It is all about your approach, just let people experiment with safe and clean drugs and make everything legal. Let's just see what happens!

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  • Hard News: The Death of Evidence,

    National Geographic also made a docu in 2014 about marijuana history. It is an absolute must see. And I was amazed that I had'nt come across. Here is a link, I believe it to be rights free, well someone put it on YT and it is still there, LOL

    It really makes you want to start growing your own medicine!

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  • Hard News: Dude, what just happened?,

    Large marijuana production is illegal in the Netherlands, but still there are many, In my opinion you can solve this by letting individuals grow more (now maximum of 5 plants) and sell some of there extra grams to friends and neighbours. If you see how much a plant produces only a couple of enthusiasts can make the large illegal, criminal growers obsolete. how much does one marijuana plant produce

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