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  • Hard News: The other kind of phone tapping,

    On the pay phone at boarding school in South Africa in the 60's we used to have an earthed "tickey-wire" (a tickey being three pence).
    When the pips sounded to insert your coins, the tickey-wire was inserted into a small hole in the mouthpiece, where the ensuring connection made a sound/signal like a coin had been inserted.
    Caused difficulty when telco takings from that phone were significantly short of what they should have been.

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  • Hard News: Sunday in the City,

    Lived in the CBD for the 10 years. Suddenly felt all grown up when we moved in - waking distance to the whole CBD and only minutes from buses, trains and ferries. I love it. Only downside is suburban screamers who descend on Saturday and Sunday nights.

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