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  • Hard News: About a Cat,

    Tonkinese cats are a blast :-)

    Ours don't sound that extreme - but some of their more bizzare behaviour is most perplexing - the 'fetish' objects (eg kneading the carpet proudly in front of a freshly stolen, trophy hair tie and going nuts if it's removed), burrowing into strange spaces, "digging" the floor after finishing a meal etc.

    Ours are Ocicats - the oriental shines through in endearing (mostly) and equally perplexing ways.

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  • Hard News: About a Cat,

    ...nuzzling our faces at 5am...

    Count yourself fortunate! Our Maxwell shreds any paper he can get to at 5am - or scratches the glass window to make a terrible sound. The other one merely pesters the cat flap until we submit or she slips a tab and opens it (towards or away from her...)

    Such is life for the 'owners' (ownees?) of smart kittenses.

    "Your problem, Colin, is that you think everything is for you,"

    Indeed true - cats believe this, which can lead to embarrassing feline kleptomania. Boy cat once stole a whole fish from a neighbour and dragged it into our lounge - the proceeds of a day's fishing, not a goldfish! Never found (nor sought) the owner.

    Our female feline just has a fetish for stealing hair ties and rubber bands from the neighbourhood and sleeping in anyone's car!

    Good luck should any quirkier 'oriental' traits make themselves known...

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