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  • Speaker: Polling 2017: life beyond landlines?,

    What is the actual purpose of polls other than another means to bump up TV ratings? I can understand parties conducting their own polling, particularly if their aim is to gain/retain popularity at the expense of their principles.

    I always think it's a bit silly when a poll is conducted a few months afted an election and the presenter is earnestly juggling seats around to try and show how the opposition could form a government 'if an election was held today'.

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  • Hard News: About Campbell Live,

    Most Kiwis think NZ is the greatest country in the world.
    #1 in everything.
    I don't think those people like to believe that kids go to school hungry or that some people in Ch'ch still live in garages or that there are kids on our streets being destroyed by legal highs.
    A lot of people are uncomfortable with these home truths so they watch something else.
    Soon they won't have worry anymore.

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  • Hard News: CWC 2015: Contains graphic horror,

    I agree the garish graphics require the use of sunglasses, but if we don't have to listen the usual lineup of ultra partisan commentators and poor old Danny, I can live with that.

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