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  • Field Theory: Awkward in Tokyo,

    " At times it was just shy of casual racism. "

    To me, this was what was at the root of that bizarre refereeing interlude you start your post with too.

    It looked like Lawrence could not believe that that poor Japanese TMO had the temerity to give an interpretation of the whole incident being ruled on rather than the requested yes/no part data that would show Lawrence a full matrix from which he would then adjudicate on as the senior official. An attitude which is, i suppose, acceptable given the defined hierarchy of the refereeing team...yet I got the distinct feeling that this hierarchy was being coloured by Lawrence wanting to demonstrate his natural superiority in things rugby as one from a traditional rugby playing nation.

    Of course I could have just got this from what the comments men were say ing as well.

    Either way it was quite disrespectful of the TMO.

    And I agree with you... there was no way that was a try... it was, as the TMO said and you have repeated, a knock on.

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  • Island Life: A week in the life of that…,

    Thanks David, brilliant post... hits the nail on the head. I have to agree with some of the others in this discussion: I am astounded that this has become, in part, about Goff's 'hypocrisy'... I mean WTF...

    Another thing, perhaps a little off topic: It's quite clear, even from an extreme outsider's point of view (such as my own), that there's been an enormous breakdown of communication inside the national government. Nobody seems to be giving Key any worthwhile advice. Do English and Key have anything to do with eachother? Key is floundering and so is his party's machine. There was an article on Morning Report Monday morning about the Greens idea to open the book on expenses and the National party "could not be reached for comment"... again WTF? (just a small observation I know, but symptomatic of some serious problems imo).

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  • Yellow Peril: Bai bai,

    Shit, you're the only reason why I've visited PA. (Yea, I had to register to say this...).

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