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  • Speaker: Why all the fuss over six trees?,

    The shared path behind the trees is fully compliant and clear of all carparks , the street pole. It needs to narrow down to 2.5m by one tree and only 0.5m offset by 3 carparks but outside current barrier. It is fully shaded. 6 small branches to trim back so have greater than 2.4m height, 1 branch by NZ Cycle trail design needs sign posting as over 2m height but less than 2.4m. So with a sand based cobblestone path and some arborist supervision , no problem. But overall a bigger issue if the priority is bus, cycle and walking you design for that. The problem is no one is looking at ultimate mode shares when bus and cycle are top notch and unless the project design objectives changes so people get out of cars. Copenhagen cycle mode share is 41% and our own CBD bus is 31%, put that in the model..Oh. What congestion need only to drop by 30% for free flow.

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