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  • Access: Disability as a wicked policy problem,

    In reality EGL is actually a voucher system in all but name due to the impact of the trial on the people in the trial. So regardless of your personal views of Min English, his advise is correct, EGL is a variation of a voucher system. A more extreme example would be education vouchers as witnessed in certain states of the USA used by public students, primarily black to access private education.

    By giving each trial participant / whanau / family an individual budget to spend as they see fit, this has the effect of playing the part of a voucher or set of vouchers in the eyes of the government disability / health policy community.

    The impact of the trial as I'm sure everyone is aware is that is enables the people and their whanau / families in the trial to choose their care package for their needs, rather than being shepherded into a monopolistic NASC.

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