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  • Hard News: Friday Music: You are among friends,

    Proof of your thesis (for me) Russell is that when I heard the sister's song it immediately reminded me of the McRae number, then scrolled down and found it was the very same!

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  • Hard News: Limping Onwards,

    The interesting aspect to this, for me, is that Goff is now more or less fully revealed as a completely un-electable leader. Prior to this there were doubts. He wasn't doing well, but with a strong effort in the election run-up he could have made a fist of it, and kept National honest.

    I don't believe Labour was ever going to win the next election whatever he did. In my view Goff is a 'night-watchman', pushing the ball around to take up time until the next real player comes in to bat.

    But it's as if the night-watchman is playing so badly that there's a chance he'll get out too soon. Naturally there is probably some consternation back in the pavillion, as they watch him wave his bat ineffectually outside off stump and the ball is millimetres from knicking an edge.

    And Labour isn't the only party to watch carefully between now and the election. National's reaction to all this will be interesting, as will other parties, as they all realise that there may well be a *lot* more votes up for grabs than they previously thought.

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