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  • Hard News: Last Words,

    More than a little glum about all this. Perhaps naively, I thought Joyce's bullying disregard for public transport would have more of an impact on the party vote up here, but seems not.

    And I can't help but feel that asset sales - if they actually go ahead - will be one of those 'that's a f**k up for the ages' type calls we'll only regret more as the years trundle by.

    Hey ho. The Greens have got my party vote again; like a lot of others, I think they've run a good campaign. Metiria Turei, in particular, has really impressed me and the (likely) new MP's look to have plenty of talent - kia kaha Denise!

    All of which means this time round I'll happily vote for Jacinda Ardern in Auckland Central. Wish there were more like her at the right end of Labour's list.

    From what I can tell, Nikki Kaye's been competent, visible and very hard working. Astonishingly - to me at least - she *phoned* my wife back in response to one of our regular rants about the clowns who run Fullers. Didn't change a thing, mind, but still...

    So, I have felt some sympathy for her over the awful, awful policies they keep trying to biff our way. Not much though. Anybody know what the polls look like in Auckland Central?

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  • Hard News: Clover It,

    and radically cut greenhouse gas emissions?

    Russell, have you seen a suggested figure for this cut? I couldn't see one in the press release, but TV3 seemed to be suggesting a 10-15% reduction last night.

    Might have that confused with the time it will take to fully develop it though, so apologies if I'm talking out of my hat...

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  • Speaker: KICK IT! Football's comin' home,

    News of the World headline: 'Hand of Clod'...

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  • Southerly: Golden Lads and Girls All Must,

    ... as chimney-sweepers, come to dust.

    Sincerely sorry for your loss, David.

    Apropos the quotation from Cymbeline.

    Somebody - might have been Frank Kermode, or Stephen Greenblatt; I can't remember - pointed out that 'chimney-sweepers' was Warwickshire dialect, used to describe a dandelion seed-head.

    I don't know if that's true, but I'd like to think so. To my mind, it makes the image even more poignant...

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  • Island Life: I am curious. Yellow?,

    Whether you can create such a precinct from scratch in a couple of years, and maintain its viability once the scrums have departed, is a big question.

    Spot on.On that, I wonder why the square (currently yet another car park) behind Britomart hasn't been considered? It's certainly large enough and they already have *some* bars in place.

    Perhaps the roof above the platforms isn't stong enough to take the weight of party central. Whatever the case, it's a dreadful waste of space as it is...

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  • Field Theory: 25 Things you need to be a…,

    While in theory I could manage most things on the list, I am happy in the knowledge that a chap can employ another chap to take care of the tedious business for him. Now be a dear and mix me another daiquiri, won't you?

    Hillaire Belloc would surely approve...

    "Lord Finchley tried to mend the electric light
    Himself. It struck him dead: and serve him right!
    It is the business of the wealthy man
    To give employment to the artisan"

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  • Island Life: The resignation of Captain Worth,

    Teks-tiss! Teks-tiss! Teks-tiss!

    My precioussss

    Gollum anyone ?

    Or maybe The Dark Crystal...?

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  • Hard News: That Buzzing Sound,

    My time spent posting here about GE is my own and is taken from work I should be doing at the bench. But I'm doing it because there is a lot of misinformation still out there and I can pass on the stuff I know.

    Well, I've certainly appreciated it, Bart.

    It's opened my eyes to a contradiction in the party's apparent attitude to science which I really should have noticed earlier.

    And I say that as someone who voted for them in November (for the first time) and will likely vote for them again. If a little less willingly *feeble hint*...

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  • Speaker: Economics of the Waterview Tunnel,

    And I really think that this is all about the future extensions they can put on a surface option, which would be much more difficult with either the tunnels or the cut-and-cover.

    Presumably 'extensions' means 'adding even more lanes'? Great. And that's worked so very well in L.A....

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  • Hard News: The Social Retail,

    And you're positive the wine doesn't go to a South Auckland warehouse and back before hitting the shelves?

    Given the shelving shambles for which Woolies is justifiably famous, I'd say that's a fair question...

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