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  • Hard News: The Engagement, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Yes, indeed, HRH Camilla did use the word "wicked" but in the modern sense of the word and expressed genuine delight at the announcement. It is regrettable that both the media and many readers, even as far afield as New Zealand, seem to sneer at (i) the engagement and (ii) make unnecessary comparisons with Charles and Diana's lamentable relationship. There are suddenly self-appointed "experts" everywhere filling endless column inches with mere speculation and offensive comments rather than informed knowledge. There is already a proliferation of bad taste souvenirs, with doubtless more to come, largely made in China. One thing is for certain: until the event takes place we will be subjected to more of the same rather than marking an extremely significant historical occasion in a constructive and memorable fashion. The Royal wedding will be a boon to the British economy, and further afield, wherever HM The Queen is head of state, which is to be welcomed in an otherwise extremely bleak international economic landscape currently showing few signs of genuine recovery.

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