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  • Hard News: Fix up, young men,

    Great article Russell, I am saddened to report that its not just at music festivals. I was at the cricket yesterday when 8 preloaded and privileged young men began shouting a vile barrage of abuse at the Australians, the females nearby, and at one point, a particularly obnoxious excuse for a human being screamed out, "HEY DONUT C*NT! UP HERE" to a young female vendor. He thought it hilarious!
    The abuse and casual violence of racism was laughed at as well, as this odious moron shouted at his mate on the stairs, "Get the beers from that black bitch, she's way cheaper!" When others nearby got up and moved away they congratulated each other, "Great score mate, they dont like the 'black' stuff, eh?"
    I wish I was making this up. After thirty minutes of this and with my blood boiling, I got up feeling like a filthy piece of crap because my seat happened to be next to theirs and moved away to stand elsewhere for the rest of the game.
    That the sons of privilege, dripping with labels, coiffures and impeccable facial trimmings had the morality of vicious drunken sots is an appalling indictment on our current social mores. I note that even the Herald picked up the story this morning. Depressed.

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  • Polity: So who exactly placed conditions…,

    "That move is as brazen as it is dishonest. Key obviously thinks New Zealanders, and the New Zealand media, are gullible fools."

    Quod erat demonstrandum

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  • Cracker: Gone Fushin’,

    When the Gulf is firing and the water is as clear as that and friends are on board with you, gannets diving make the processional music for your entrance into heaven.

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