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  • Public Address Word of the Year 2009,


    Has my vote!

    Castastrophuck also a favourite (combo catastrophe/clusterfuck)

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  • Island Life: The Guilt of Clayton Weatherston,

    I couldn't give a toss about the Bain verdict but this is such a relief. Caught myself checking twitter...

    I felt exactly the same way - overwhelming sense of relief to the extent that I can't imagine (for a hundred reasons) how her family must feel.

    And Emma, I'm also assuming that he was advised of the risks both of taking, and not taking, the stand. Whew, off Twitter and back to work now...

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  • Hard News: The Public Bad,


    I agree with Rick that this must be the practical consequence of the section.

    Copyright claims are complex to resolve. Therefore any dispute process will be cheap but unfair, or expensive and fair. The rights holders want a cheap resolution process, so it automatically follows it will have a real potential for unfairness.

    The government clearly didn't want to advertise the unfairness of the section - so they dumped the responsibility for determining how to resolve disputes on ISPs. That way, ISPs have the opportunity to spend a lot of money resolving the disputes (yeah right) or being unfair. The TCF resolves any claim disputed by a user in the user's favour. Sometimes that will be unfair.

    So the Rights holders want to have the opportunity to resolve their own disputes - or in other words the Fox wants to guard the Hen-house. Hence guilt upon accusation = unfair.

    It all comes down to the government wanting to help rights holders,and then side-stepping the complexity by dumping it all on ISPs who are the real big losers in this. They face liability from both rights holders and users.

    Scary when you think about the definition of an ISP.

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  • Hard News: Public Address Word of the…,

    Credit Crunch on You Tube? I liked this one:

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  • Hard News: A news site where you can…,

    I'm enjoying the newly launched TVNZ site. Today's headlines:

    *Police roll out Tasers

    followed immediately by:

    *Christmas Shoppers beware


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  • Island Life: Keynote speaker: Paula…,

    I logged in because I knew someone on PAS would make a comment on Paula Bennett's first foray as an MP. Every where else in the media, I have heard nothing but congratulations for her stance.
    Listening to John Key commenting to this on Mikey Havoc's show this morning - apparently National want to spend the money on the front line, not on conferences, reports and policy analysts.

    And I had to wonder what the front line are going to do, if nobody has thought about the big picture. I have images of all these front line people madly rushing about 'taking action' being heartily congratulated by mainstream NZ, but with no idea about what they're doing or why - or whether its helping...

    And of course, I thought of Kiwi Foo - where the most amazing minds come together for a weekend of discussion and future planning - with incredible results and benefits for teh whole country - run on a show string. My favourite Foo camp photo is of Jenine with a notice on the wall behind her "Cleaning duties: Hall.... Marae..... etc" for the delegates to put their names up, like school camp.

    Can be done, brilliantly, on a shoestring.

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  • Hard News: Deadly Exuberance,

    And for blueberries - though I can't vouch for them personally. They grew in beautifully last year and the local tuis and blackbirds seemed to enjoy them a lot.

    As did my Jack Russell Alice, who used to (may she rest in peace) delicately prize each ripe berry off with her lips without damaging the plant in any way. The birds didn't get a look in.....

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  • Hard News: Some cool stuff so you won't…,

    My fav for the evening would have to go to Proud Scum with Spelling Mistakes coming in second.

    Mine was Nick from the Spelling Mistakes, although Proud Scum doing the Sex Pistols, and Scavengers tied for a close second...

    I was a bit young so never saw any of them live 'back then' . But I've had my authentic punk rock concert now, even got told to "Fock off" by the angry little guy in the orange Beagle Boys jumper :-). 'twas a good un indeed....

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  • Hard News: Some cool stuff so you won't…,

    hands up who's off to the AK79 gig.

    see you there, you'll be happy I've decided not to wear the tartan mini skirt with safety pins...

    Oh, and Russell thanks for the heads up on the Sola Rosa download - that's more my taste these days...

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  • Random Play: In Your Neighbourhood,

    Well, some of us listened.

    Thanks for the great report of that event Graham. At least the internet has increased our access to the small amounts of good reporting that exist.

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