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  • OnPoint: Don't put words in our mouths, Rob,

    My favorite part was-

    Having said that, one group I think did not overreact – despite their strongly critical stance - was the New Zealand Chinese community

    That's one way to reject the fact that many other minorities took exception to the way this information was presented.
    Aaron Lim in yesterday's Herald said

    But the Muslim, Indian, Pacific Islander, Arab and Persian communities should also beware. Xenophobes are usually equal opportunity racists. Labour just hasn't found a social problem to blame on your communities yet.

    Not only is the data analysis unconvincing, the policy solution is also inadequate, lacking in proper impact analysis. This whole episode is making me wonder if the left (major parties) courts the minority vote because they think it's low hanging fruit or they are actually committed to equality in a multicultural society. I won't be the only person thinking that and trying to de-legitimize views by pitting minorities against each other is fairly unsavory.

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