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  • Hard News: Evil,

    Talking about "evil" -- wot can be more evil than politicians inflicting laws on us that they escape from using trusts?
    How dare politicians vote to inflict tax measures on us which they avoid by hiding their assets in a trust? Has the time arrived, with elections looming, for us to seek candidates who will not resort to trusts?
    It is not enough that politicians merely declare their assets, as they have to, while trusts allow them to sidestep their tax law.
    Labour, to its credit, has somewhat ameliorated the impact on the elderly who refrained from exploiting a trust to get a rest home subsidy. But the law in this area is now muddier than ever and did not meet expectations.
    If we electors determine to elect candidates who are devoid of trusts, so that they cannot escape the law they create for the rest of us, sensible and fair tax laws may begin to flow. Maybe only then the hypocritical industry of trust creation will wither away.

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