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  • Hard News: Paths where we actually ride, in reply to Russell Brown,

    Part of the path is the Waterview shared path ( and I've just requested an update to the New Lynn shared path project page.

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  • Up Front: Dropping the A-Bomb, in reply to Sue,

    I know I've posted this elsewhere but I think it's a really good look poem for abortion and grief. Emma's so right in feeling like you're betraying the cause when you grieve for a lost opportunity but no one should ever feel bad about that grief. And it's absolutely not the same thing as regret, as you mention.
    Anyway, the link, How to forgive abortion when you are the aborter:
    Thanks for the post Emma.

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  • Speaker: My People,

    Thanks Jackie. It's really refreshing to hear stories of the actual people behind this "beneficiary" label. It frustrates me no end how when I'd call people on their bullshit when they were talking about DPB recipients by pointing out that I was one of them and they'd say "Oh no, it's not you we are talking about, it's those other DPB mums." Uh yeah, and who are they exactly?

    And it's having people like you around young kids that means that those families feel included in a community and therefore feel more positive about their ability to parent and thus are better parents (or at least in my own experience).

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