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  • Up Front: Making a List, Not Bothering…,

    ...implied sexual activity, drug use or violence...

    implied as opposed to actual.
    well you know the slopes of the North Otago Hills are quite suggestive of female curves. surely that listing should include any online reproductions of McCahon paintings. quite a few landscape images imply sexual activity come to think of it. because a curvy line is a bit like a tit innit? and a deep fern bounded v shape of a bush waterfall ...crikey Im going all unnecessary just thinking about it. (although I definitely dont intend to imply that I am becoming sexually aroused)

    and what about images of humourously shaped vegetables? clearly morally dangerous.

    this is a completely meaningless standard, so of course it produces bizarrely erratic results.

    that poor dentist. and the cafeteria consultants!!...that one is totally doing my head in... school cafeterias are violent drug dens and sex pits obviously so the banned activity is implicit whenever you mention the phrase 'tuck shop'. I get it. NOT.

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  • Up Front: The Missionary Position,

    If you suspect that you have been targeted by the soul saving brigade, you may well be absolutely right. Im a survivor of fundamentalist ubringing and have observed church working groups compiling lists (names and addresses) of at risk souls in their neighbourhood to be prayed for energetically and brought into the flock.
    They had a roster for visiting said persons.

    Other delightful childhood memories involve being sure that my entire family was going to be taken up in 'the Rapture' leaving me behind (because God would know I wasnt a proper interesting paradox of beleif/unbeleif that I have fortunately since grown out of) alone to face persecution and possible beheading while the beast walked the earth and the valleys ran with blood. everytime my father was late home from work I would think oh shit its happened!

    science education, yes, well. There were 12 year old girls in my school who beleived that one became pregnant by slipping a gold band on a particular finger.

    Emma your 'stay the hell away from my kids' philosophy is one I can identify with and applaud. religious education can easily be regarded as a form of child abuse. especially in exclusive schooling situations.

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  • Up Front: The Holland Diaries, Pt 1,

    Interesting discussion.

    I did an introductory course in NZSL, as a hearing person, and found it unexpectedly confronting. The most difficult part for me was maintaining intense eye contact, which let me feeling vulnerable and exposed. Clearly I am used to using language in a way that deflects attention from myself, a language culture where people read your face so intently doesn't allow this kind of distancing.

    perhaps related to the above point, Im also interested in the dynamic of being given a name based on how others see you. Our teacher did not give any of us names during the class, which felt right. I would rather be named by people who know me more, and I them...
    what is the potential for bullying? it would be very hard to feel good about a name not given with warmth. for instance two of my classmates went on an immersion weekend and came back with sign names, one of the two was visibly discomfited by how he was perceived and so named. can anyone comment on how this naming usually works as a social dynamic?

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  • Random Play: Ring out the old, ring in…,

    a Bobby McFerrin moment for New Year.

    Ive noticed that the 'dont worry' doctrine has already morphed into the Ostrich doctrine for many people of my acquaintance. On the principle that it is all totally incomprehensible and the kind of scary reserved for boogey men, the main coping mechanism seems to be Ignore that which you cant change and would really prefer not to be reminded about.

    This effect has already progressed so far that to mention any financial system more complex than the purchase of a bus ticket appears to be a new social faux pas similar to farting at the dinner table. If you forget yourself in public a small disapproving pause ensues during which tiny frowns and delicately wrinkled noses may be visible, followed by a resumption of chatter about something entirely different.

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  • OnPoint: Media beat-off,

    Yeah...who knows how long the interest free status will hold? assuming that future govts will never charge interest on student loans is a bit like expecting fine weather every day...or like expecting the housing market to rise indefinitely.

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  • Random Play: Seoul Searchin' (Sorry, it…,

    and old men selling those shapeless beige clothes that so many women over 50 seem to take pride in here.

    you are surely not referring to the fine Korean unbleached linens when you say 'shapeless beige'?

    I personally love those full face sun visors the Korean ladies prefer to keep the summer sun off their skin, very practical and comfortable alternative to a combination of hat and sunglasses. although they somehow just dont look as good on a blonde giantess in tatty denim, which is a fashion crime kind of a shame.

    That river development is great in the evening when the lights in the water are turned on and the folk singers come out.

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  • Random Play: Smart Korea Move,

    but because of a certainly weekly broadcast commitment, I can't go anywhere for more than a couple of days this year.

    I guess that's the dark side of regular work you want to keep.

    as far as I can see the only up-side of menial work is you can quit without regrets at any time -knowing that a very similar job will still be there when you get back from the latest adventure. job security means something are secure in the knowledge that there is always crap somewhere that needs cleaning up. ;-)

    Paul, I know what you mean. I got upgraded -just the once- along with a family of four into the inner sanctum...and the paying few were noticeably pissed at the influx of hoi polloi from cattle class. I guess that would be annoying, shelling out all that cash only to have the seat next to you taken by someone elses tired and restless 6 yr old or -much worse- a travel stained apparently indigent artist (who probably ponged a bit despite cat washing attempts in the public washroom sink)
    ...but I didnt let the extended frosty silence from the entitled spoil the pleasures of complimentary socks, proper cutlery and fresh fruit...and so much space ...sigh.

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  • Southerly: Five Simple Ingredients for a…,

    Im a bit surprised that Pequino's in Dunedin hasn't rated a mention yet...

    small, decorated in dark red wood and leather, a perfect leaning bar that takes up fully half the room complete with footrails and coat hooks, a range of quality alcohol including good whisky for those times when emersons just wont cut it, large slightly smoky open fire, complimentary tapas food, never any noisy music, no electronic recreational devices in sight...and well trained staff with the almost psychic ability to know when to shut up and when to speak.

    its my pick. course the drinks cost a fortune, but its worth it, damn near perfect ambiance after all.

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  • Island Life: The worst that could happen,

    The nice man in the park fits the stranger danger model.
    the nice man in the scout hall doesnt.

    male teachers need support and encouragement. children need something different. we can do both those things that best by not overreacting and by not ignoring reality.

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  • Island Life: The worst that could happen,

    nice one Stephen Judd.

    That whole level of absurdity and incongruity in the way we talk about risk socially fascinates me.

    my sister (also an artist) made a peice of artwork, a few years ago now, that was pretty pointed and surprisingly hard to look at.

    picture this: a glass box containing a very small pair of plain white cotton knickers neatly folded, but extensively burnt. In case you didnt get it already it was titled 'liar liar'.

    the point of telling you that being similar to the one SJ already made:

    We get wound up about things that aren't very likely and stay casual about present and serious dangers.

    That persistent xenophobic instinct creates irrational hysteria about about 'the stranger' - but as a herd we will apparently do whatever we can not to have to face that knowledge that danger lives a bit closer. too unbearable. easier to think about something else.

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