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  • Speaker: Transformers: Less than meets…,

    "Animae characteristically pushes certain themes and tropes to the fore – supernatural friends, martial mysticism, prepubescent superheroes, secret weapons, what colour the heroine’s knickers are."

    Alas I must point out a glaring problem with this comment, as it is infact quite untrue. Like live action movies/series, anime has a huge depth and breadth of topic matter.
    While your average joe only sees it as soft porn, theres a lot more out there than just that.

    p.s. I fully expect to go to Transformers for some mindless relaxation, and to just enjoy myself with friends :)
    Was definitely a Transformer fan back in my younger years, but go into it with no expectations. I do see our point of view with respects to the whole "ra ra" of it, but eh. It is just a movie about big toys.

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  • OnPoint: Chennai,

    I love how different each part of India is. If you move from even one village to the next you'll come across different practices and foods. And the clothes & jewellery! oh my.

    p.s. please ignore what I think may have been the same comment that would have been emailed to you. Still getting my head around the way PA works.

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