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  • Hard News: Anatomy of a Shambles,


    See my above, I took it as targeting the Hobbit seeing as that was THE production that they started on.

    Maybe I'm just an imbecile/moron (whatever the word was that Whipp used).

    It does go to show that anyone can twist what is said to how they want others to see it though, doesn't it? (not that I'm twisting, I'm just explaining what the twists mean to me).

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  • Hard News: Anatomy of a Shambles,

    @ Petra

    I think it would be wrong for NZAE to categorically state that they will not take industrial action on any production ever, as I believe they should have the right to take action if talk doesn't work.

    I don't disagree with you there, it was the 'if others don't play, we'll go back to targeting The Hobbit' that got me. That doesn't gel with 'there's going to be no more industrial action against it'.

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  • Hard News: Anatomy of a Shambles,

    Hi there. I'm not in the industry at all apart from watching the work offered by New Zealand workers.

    I think my only input into NZ productions was once saying on a Shortland Street board years back that I hated that the receptionist/nurses hogged the main phone for personal calls instead of transferring it because some poor sod could be in the middle of dying waiting for them to take the call. If you've never worked with a person that does this you wouldn't understand why that was annoying to watch when you'd just lived it. Then my niggle was put on the show (yay me!)

    Anyway....feel free to disregard what I have to put forth here due to the above CV.

    Having read Simon Bennett's email from Equity yesterday I can only say the following.


    However, SPADA has now agreed to meet with Equity to discuss performers’ terms and conditions for other productions made in New Zealand. As a result of this, Equity has agreed that while the parties are discussing new terms, provided a production contracts performers on the terms of the “Pink Book” in their entirety then NZ Equity will take no action against the production.

    negates this:

    New Zealand Actors Equity has assured the producers that no future industrial action would be taken on the production at any time.

    I'm reading it as "if other productions don't follow the Pink Book to the letter then we will put forth more industrial action on this project"

    Am I reading that wrong?

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