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  • Legal Beagle: Terrorism is already illegal, in reply to BenWilson,

    You people just don't get it. The left has just been annihilated in an election and you just keep rubbishing one of the most popular PM's in NZ history.
    National has a mandate to do whatever protects our national security.
    The terror threat is up, and you whingers will be the first to bleat if ISIS starts beheading Kiwis. New Zealand and its 5 eyes alliance partners need to take decisive action because the UN is impotent. Drone strikes, targeted bombings and surgical strikes by our SAS are needed. IS need to be given the message that if they try any of that terror nonsense in Aotearoa, Kiwi response will be swift and decisive. BTW, I'm glad Mr Key ditched the black flag idea, it was too close to the ISIS flag

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  • Legal Beagle: Terrorism is already illegal,

    You lefties would have us eating mung-beans, hugging trees and harboring terrorists.
    Just because Mr Key may seem to be "enhancing" powers that are already there, does not mean to say the current laws are erroneous. More power to him I say. I'd like to see those terrorists try anything here in Aotearoa - they would be muntered by the SAS, our police, the army and if that fails, the Mongrel Mob and Black Power would be mobilised in a gorilla warfare action against them. The Urewera people could also even have a role to play.
    So, don't worry it. There is cross-party support for action against ISIS (until a new leader of Labour is elected). Keep watching the News and Coronation Street - life will go on even if NZ's SAS goes to Syria and new laws are introduced.
    It's just a leftie conspiracy because Mr Key is so popular. Get over yourselves.

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