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  • Speaker: An Open Letter To David Cunliffe,

    Oh mi god, just got home. Some good friend out told me to look at your site and take in all the massive paralysis by analysis that's spewed forth in response to a straight-up, heart-felt letter/plea from James Dann.
    What a jumbo load of shit you mostly all spout except for the few straight-up. honest replies to James Dann.
    Most of you make beautiful music to my ears given I embraced the coolness of Key and the fact that you amplify it by your blank refusal to take on board what the smart David Shearer said on election night.
    He said that "when I was Leader of the Opposition, I had no choice but to concentrate on the attacks behind me instead of those emanating from Mr Key in front of me.
    Of course, he was referring to the factional discord, orchestrated and exploited by the destructively ambitious Cunliffe.
    Stop looking for any other reasons in the short term for your party's pitiful demise than that misfit, Cunliffe.
    All your other hand-wringing and blame and conspiracy theories and bickering all simply serves to emphasise Mr Dann's points and gives substantial momentum to the claim that the wonderful John Key deserves at least four terms.

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