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  • Speaker: An Open Letter To David Cunliffe,

    I actually think your open letter is a weak minded attack on Cunliffe, it is not a brave move to air “your” feelings and assume to know Cunliffe’s aspirations in such a public way , it is simply a way to kick a man further down, like the role of an executioner really. How do you know what he aspires to be or do really? I might think he is well over the attack culture hiding in the depths of the Labour Party. It is good that someone put their heart and soul forward to aspire to lead the party and under such circumstances. So does your and others personal dislike/ disrepect for Cunliffe make him all bad and you and your public letter all wonderful and right – Did you send it to Mr Cunliffe?? or just to media.

    At least now David Cunliffe has put it out to the NZ Public and others that can decide on merit who shall be leader. I doubt I would trust any of the contenders based on their history exposed now and their inability to stand united- but just my opinion. It would be like trusting the rat isn’t going after the next tasty morsel that exposes themselves as leader.

    I am also surprised by your comment about people would not vote leader because of Cunliffe – why is it that so many people actually admired the man and his campaign and even warmed to him? He wasn’t only up against a negative media attack but up against the nasty anti club ABC (and wider) in Labour.

    I would hope the internal review covers the damage done to the party (and its leader) by the people that undermined Cunliffe and the Labour Party and from when it really began. There has been plenty of time to do a lot of damage.

    You and I am are entitled to our opinions, but normally it is not made in such a public attacking way… no one is going to trust nor get behind any person leading any party when it is so nasty and messed up and divided as Labour has shown itself to be now.


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