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  • Speaker: An Open Letter To David Cunliffe,

    One thing missing from this post and other post-election analysis is the discussion on policy. All talk has been on personality, with Cunliffe, President style not resonating with voters and yes there is some truth to this but… a lot of the policies missed the mark: It’s about the economy stupid. The economy is going ok and compared to many countries around the world we are doing very well, Labour missed this fact and tried to paint a different picture which by far the majority of New Zealanders didn’t believe. If Labour is to move forward they need more than a new leader, they need to look at why anyone outside of the hard core faithful should vote for them. Creating a new leader is papering over the cracks and ignoring the glaring fact that they offered no alternative in vision for the country and came across as a tax and spend party. Where was their uniting vision of a positive and confident future where success is celebrated and through success New Zealand as a whole prospers?

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