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  • Island Life: Staring into space,

    The Plunket nurse told my mum I might be blind, when I was just three. So it was quite a relief when it turned out that I only needed glasses. Mum still tells the story of how delighted I was to discover that trees had leaves all the time, rather than being enormous green blobby things that turned into pretty trees with leaves only when you got up really close to them.

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  • Southerly: Five Simple Ingredients for a…,

    I was quite taken with Fat Eddies when I was last in Chch -- down the end of the SOL L-shaped bit. No idea what it's like at night, but in the afternoon it was dead comfy.

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  • Speaker: The Audacity of Hype: John Key…,

    Paraphrasing John Key speaking at the launch of Green Carbon: "**Climate change isn't a political issue**. Its up to individuals to change. If we all changed our lightbulbs to CFLs we would never need to fire up the Huntly power station."

    For one, that's not actually true. And if that's what he believes about the biggest political issue of the coming decade, I hate to think how his hands-off approach is going to pan out in other areas. Amateur.

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  • Random Play: Nothing, if not critical,

    "Pablo Picasso was never called an arsehole"

    I am very impressed that at the height of his shame Simon's mate was able to quote a lyric from Jonathan Richman's 'Pablo Picasso'.

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