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  • Speaker: I Lost My Arms in Bootcamp,

    Hi Anke, last time I read one of your posts you were talking about a non - violent German culture that had done away with corporal punishment in schools in the '70's, all to do with the war etc. As I attended German schools in the '70's and '80's I strongly disagree.
    As for the type of kiwi you believed us to be (skiing, biking, surfing etc), well, most of the kiwis I know are working overtime trying to afford their own dream home, while prices are going through the roof. My German friends over here ski, tramp, camp every weekend while looking for bigger and better 'dream' homes.

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  • Hard News: Claims,

    Speaking of chicken revenge: Egg In Face! Idour's credibility is looking very sad indeed.

    And if you want a chuckle, head over to Wishart's blog and read about "the breach of broadcasting standards goes far beyond anything any New Zealand Prime Minister has ever done before."

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