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  • Hard News: The sole party of government,

    I didn't give my party vote to Labour despite looking like a likely sort. One of my reasons is that they have done such a crappy job in Opposition around education (my field) despite the clusterfk that is Novopay and IES. Special education funding and services have been severely strangled over a number of years, and is ripe for exposure and a flaying, but there's no sign of Labour tackling that one. When literacy levels come up for discussion they pop up and say they'll put more Reading Recovery teachers in despite there being 30 years of evidence on what is actually needed (early screening and intervention for phonological awareness if anyone is interested, and then balanced instruction that includes phonics, but PA first). The teachers I know have no love for National but there was serious disenchantment with Labour too. For me, Labour have failed to speak up clearly and loudly about important issues and propose convincing evidence-based solutions. Their voice has been quiet, unconvincing and reactive. I didn't enjoy voting this year.

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