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  • Hard News: Synthetic cannabis: it just…,

    The other side is parents using cannabis, being so 'relaxed' that feeding the kids, getting them to school, pro actively encouraging their kids education are simply not important.

    Have you got any evidence which proves this is anything more than a straw man argument? Not anecdotal "evidence" - real evidence that this is a real problem.

    This whole argument that "drugs result in absent parents" looks pretty silly when you point out that prison does, too. And if the goal really was to keep parents and children together, the first thing we'd do is end prison sentences for non-violent drug offences.

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  • Hard News: Doing over the witness, in reply to Dylan Reeve,

    I expect that the content of the communications will be encrypted so as to prevent trivial interception. But encryption requires keys, and if the Police have taken all of Hager's electronic equipment, there is a chance that they will also have taken (intentionally or by accident) copies of the keys used during the encryption.

    You can bet there'll be a thorough search of those machines for files like *.cer, *.pem, etc etc.

    In the absence of evidence that they are not, any encryption or identification keys used to communicate with Nicky Hager should be considered compromised.

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  • Hard News: Interview: Glenn Greenwald, in reply to Josh Petyt,

    The *content* of the communication is encrypted, but the source and destination are not. So the metadata of what servers you've been talking to is still available, just not the content of the conversation itself.

    On the subject of HTTPS, I notice the sign-up page for PublicAddress is not secured, so the GCSB know all about who we all are.

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