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  • Up Front: Oh, God,

    Ironically, the only part of religion in schools that I could ever bear was the hymn singing. I've always been an atheist (in that sense I'm kind of similar to those people that new they were gay even when they were five years old) but I sang in a cathedral choir while I was in primary school and used this as an excuse to get out of religious instruction. I, at least, was allowed to go to the school library and read, which in any case was my favourite occupation at that time. But I always loved the music and those hymns still stir me, even though I've had time in the intervening four decades to reflect on the idiocy of most of the texts. If I recall correctly, the straw that broke the camel's back as far as RI for me was concerned (aside from the fact that I always secretly knew it was all bunkum), was Mr Pedley's insistence that we write the whole of the Lord's Prayer out. That was too much sacrifice for my non-existent faith.

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