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    Hi Russell...Did you see this yarn? We are trying to develop it - I just stumbled upon the press release out of Canada...suggests someone at Middlemore sees value in prescribing more regularly and that NZ usage is about to increase markedly.

    Enjoyed the post by the way ...

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  • Speaker: Telling Our Own Tales, in reply to Russell Brown,

    I'm pretty sure I wrote the essay in the book which most strongly argues that Aucklanders don't really care much anymore. So far I think I've upset far more Aucklanders than Cantabrians with this premise. I didn't mean we don't care about the suffering or have sympathy when we actually stop to think about the situation in Chch. But I did mean we (I've been an Aucklander for nearly 20 years) don't spend a lot of time or energy talking about it or worrying about it - at least not in my professional or social worlds. Auckland is once again obsessed with its own development issues - housing, transport etc. My experience is that Christchurch people I talk to understand this. They don't expect Aucklanders to care about their local body politics etc. The whole point of this book is that Christchurch people are trying to find their own way forward and good on them. I'd like to think Auckland remains broadly supportive about the rebuild even if we don't have time or energy for the detail of the debate.

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