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  • Hard News: But seriously, drug policy, in reply to Brent Jackson,

    With there being the potential problems is the potential benefits. I mean it's not like people aren't aware of the problems, its like smoking, there are images of the potential problems on the packet but people still smoke.
    In saying that, everything that happens is really about curiosity, drugs have a double standard of being good for you and bad for you.

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  • Hard News: But seriously, drug policy,

    Why has drugs become so strongly about politics..
    In the end people are still going to take cannibis regardless of if it's legal or not.
    Reducing anti-depressants is not worth a fight either, it's up to the individual who thinks they need it and the doctors who are in charge of prescribing it to say yes or no. Drugs is an addiction and, to some, a way of coping or just to try it out. If there was a way to reduce the intake it's too late because it's in pop culture and has already been introduced to this generation.
    They should be preventing the next generation to be aware of the drugs in existence and change the way people think about taking it.

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  • Hard News: Show some decency,

    It's plain wrong for them to keep themselves in a little safety bubble. They are somewhat just caring for themselves. I cannot wait to have someone else who cares about the community and contributes in a personal stance. The best leader is one who is willing to get out of their bubble and find out the faults of NZ and actually fix it. Along with adding in mainstream media to the agenda and how they bring out moral panic.

    We are definitely in for another ride with whoever wins this election.

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