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  • Hard News: Cabinet and the Reeferendum, in reply to ,

    Anyone who has experienced a magic mushroom trip. How would it feel to have food poisoning on top of that?

    Happened one time to a friend who got food poisoning from a cafe before. Obviously not a good time for anyone involved.

    I've never heard of anyone getting food poisoning from magic mushrooms themselves, either fresh or prepared. And I have friends who, back in the day, would collect hundreds of shrooms at a time and sell them. Never heard any complaints.

    They used to be legal in the UK, is there any research that suggests there were problems with that arrangement ?

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  • Speaker: An attempt at demystifying Sharia,

    I get it, there is no attempt to impose Sharia here (or anywhere in the West, for that matter).

    But what is to come of those aspects of Sharia that we hold to be inconsistent with our values ?

    Such as the right to be LGBTI+ ? I see this as a fundamental human right but I do not think this is consistent with most Sharia law.

    Is it possible to resolve such a long-held belief system ? We have finally managed to get some of the Christian churches (e.g. Anglican, Presbyterian) to get with the programme. This took centuries.

    When it comes to Sharia law, what is the approach to fundamental human rights with which most Sharia law disagrees ?

    Do we allow bigotry in the name of religion ?

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  • Hard News: About that Rhythm and Vines…, in reply to tatjna,

    Holy shit, Drug Free Australia have an article called "Could medical cannabis be the new THALIDOMIDE?". And one entitled "Why test pills when it is the ecstasy that kills?"

    You can't make this shit up. This group is very dangerous.

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  • Hard News: On joining the international…,

    I think it would have been cool if, say, the Maori Law Students Society had held an event for M&S at Waipapa, the Auckland Uni marae. After all, that was where Hana Jackson said "Kill a white and die a hero" back in 1988 (I was there at the time).

    The sheer amount of ideological jiu-jitsu and outright irony would have been breath-taking, especially if Molyneux tried to undertake an cultural assassination like he did in in Australia.

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  • Hard News: We are, at last, navigating…, in reply to izogi,

    This reminded me of John Key's tactic of talking about how great things are outside the measurement period. I guess the hope is that people will hear "overseas research" and agree with Stratford that Sir Peter Gluckman got it wrong somehow.

    My overall impression was of a shady operator who is desperately trying to dissemble now that he's in the glare of public scrutiny.

    I hope his business goes under.

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  • Hard News: We are, at last, navigating…,

    Good work, Russell, this is an important issue that really needed an injection of objectivity.

    What are the chances the media will be able to report accurate, science-based information during the run up to (next year's?) cannabis referendum ?

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  • Hard News: How harm happens,

    Good post and great article, Russell.

    I thought you had reservations about the incumbent based on past form?

    I hope Julie-Anne is able to have some influence here. She is capable, intelligent and can mount a good argument.

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  • Hard News: Cycle infrastructure: the…,

    Nice photos, Russell. Next time I ride to Pak N Save (I live in Morningside), I'll go via the Waterview Track :)

    About 18 months ago I was considering a contract in Otahutuu so, as a committed cycle commuter, I investigated potential routes. And there really aren't any safe ways to get to Otahuhu and my plan was basically ride to Ellerslie and catch the train. Cycling along Gt South Road just seemed too risky. I ended up working in the CDB which is closer, and as you note, far, far more cycle-friendly

    One thing I did notice was that much of the railway line through Otahuhu had a small service road running next to it. Based on my observations from Google maps (satellite mode) it seems reasonably straight forward to get a cycleway that goes from around Kaka St in Otahuhu and links up to the walkway/cycleway that meanders along the Onehunga coastline south of Neilson St.

    Putting a cycleway heading north along the Southern Line might well be feasible, but would likely require engineering. I'd like to see a feasibility study done on using the margins of the rail lines as potential cycleways.

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  • Access Granted: Kat Greenbrook – From…,

    It's basically a portal to Access Granted.

    I tried listening to the podcast, but it was recorded in a noisy bar and far too unstructured for me. A pity because I like the subject area.

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  • Hard News: Where are all the polls at?, in reply to Gavin White,

    IIRC, the "questioning" was along the lines of:

    One issue facing our city is [insert topic]. Would you prefer to see a mayor like Len Brown who can [insert awesome credentials/vision] or a mayor like John Banks who [insert negative credentials/vision] ? So I think it qualifies as push-polling, but happy to be corrected if I misunderstand your definition.

    The questioning seemed to be a vehicle for the various assertions around the two main candidates rather than seeking enlightenment. I can't imagine it having been very effective (that is, I don't think it had an impact on voting patterns, Len still got my vote on base principles, if nothing else).

    Tamaki Makaurau • Since Nov 2006 • 528 posts Report

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