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  • Voting apathy,

    Hello Henrike,

    Politics as a whole has never really been an interesting topic amongst most of the younger generation. Listening to political leaders give speeches about how things will never be the same once they have been elected all sound the same and that they will do their best in making the world a better place. The fact of the matter is that in the grand scheme of things, Most of the promises they make never get fulfilled. It's just something they all say to entice you, with their well written speeches which by the way wouldn't have been written by themselves. Politicians use their ability to manipulate words and put on a show claiming and marching with integrity only to get your vote so they can sit on the throne.

    I doubt there are politicians genuinely interested in being a public servant and doing exactly what the title states, which is serving the public and not using their authority and power for their own benefit. Today's corruption in the world makes it hard for one to believe that their "vote" actually does count for something and that one wont just end up being part of a community who has been brain washed to believing that their say actually does matter. The Freedom of speech and choice they offer is an illusion.

    The fact of the matter is that the majority of politicians only use their power for their own personal benefits. There are hundreds of articles about politicians spending tax payers money on everything but what the people really need. I'd like to be extremely optimistic about politics and get into large debates with strangers over politics and walk away thinking i know my "vote" is going to make a difference. The reality is that a drop of water is not going to wash away the corruption that the world is stained with.

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