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  • Voting apathy,

    Hi Henrike

    I totally agree with you on the fact that a lot of young people nowadays are not willing to put any kind of effort in getting at least a little overview on politics or parties in their country. I think people have very busy lifestyles and the little free time they have is mainly used for family or fun activities which is also totally understandable. We all have to do a lot of things we are not so interested or passionate about and politics has always been a topic not attractive to younger people.

    Politicians seem old and not capable of understanding issues and needs the young generation has. People want to see actual changes in their daily lives in order to see that their input was effective. A new government often feels like everything stays as it always was as major changes are difficult to implement and take a long time to be actually seen in our daily lives.

    There will always be people who are really passionate about trying to change something and those who have their own reasons to stay out of it. If I think about myself I cannot really see a way to get me more involved in politics as it is not really my area of interest. However I always voted for the party which came closest to my values and interests as I think every voice is important. Even if it may not change a lot you can express your opinoin by voting.

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