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  • Hard News: Never mind the quality ...,

    Josie, I am sure you were great on the Panel, and you'd have a whole bunch of interesting perspectives on this sort of thing. I agree, it's great to see some women there. I think they rotate through people a bit, though.

    I'm a bit frustrated by the ongoing implications around my motives on this thing: you'll know what it's like to be thrown a bunch of topics at late notice, on the road, and amongst a busy working day.

    I didn't have time to buy the book on the way from the airport to the studio. Even if I had there was no way I could have digested it sensibly, and I said up front, I hadn't read it. My 2 key points were 1) sadly, this is the game of politics, and I am surprised people are even surprised by the sorts of things I was hearing about the book in the media. From what I see, it's the way the game is played, by all sides, and I am not confident there'll ever be anything different now that it's deteriorated this far 2) I'd have no idea who to believe, all 3 parties, the politician, the blogger and the author, had controversial reputations.

    Regarding my work and clients, whatever I have to say on the Panel or anywhere else, are my own views. To be honest, I would suspect that many of my clients, knowing them well as people, may be more inclined to take the Hagar perspective than the stand I did. And in fact, it was something that was in the back of my mind when I came off air.

    I do not have strong political views either way, aside from how they impact my life - which, having been utterly thrown in the air firstly by the quakes, and then by EQC for 2 years following - are pretty damned strong. Don't even get me started on that whole thing, or *I* will go all grassy knoll on you.

    I am by no means a political commentator - I thought Andrew and I were both pretty clear in giving context around our views as being those of 'lay' people, especially since we had a political scientist in the studio and a political reporter on the phone at the time.

    Please don't read any more into my perspective than that. I supposed I could be flattered that people would think I have that close a connection to ctrl govt. Plain truth, I don't. My life is a heck of a lot simpler and cleaner than all that muck, thank God.

    I just bought the damned book, because I passed a rare thing after my lunchtime coffee today - an actual real honest-to-goodness suburban bookshop and I love to keep great stuff like that alive. So I will digest. And ponder.

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