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  • Cracker: Rate my Date,

    I was getting increasing calls and emails from single girlfriends to look at different men on sites and tell them what I thought of these photos of the men in question.

    I couldnt' believe the sloppy sites with crappy databases of users taking police line up photos and writing desperate profile headers to 'attract' others.

    They would exchange a few emails with these strangers and then go out with them! No safety net, no reporting systems and most of these sites were for singles only.

    So what does a girl like me who works online do.....?

    Well, were I to develop a new site....these would be my top priorities...

    * Technologically advanced = Virtual environment
    * Safe, secure and well moderated = Closely monitored
    * Not just for singles = ANYONE can come and socialise!
    * FREE for users that don't want all the bells and whistles = 3 user levels including a FREE one.
    *Virtual dating = an ice breaker between emails and meeting in real life.
    * Ratings and reporting system for both Virtual and Real Life dating = Calendars for users to record all details of where they are going with whom.

    Well it's taken 2 years and a crapload of money, but I did it and the feedback is awesome! I'm not here to advertise...I pay for that the proper way (hence me not posting the site address here).

    Thanks to Susan Jeffers' book 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway'! I feel privileged to be able to bring this service to Kiwis and to be the 1st to do it in a virtual environment.

    I even beat the Aussies to it!!!!!!


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  • Stories: Life in Books,

    I was at my lowest losing my mind and someone passed me a book called 'Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway' by Susan Jeffers.

    It changed my life and gave me back the strength I had somehow mislaid.

    Whenever I feel a bit weak or low on confidence I reach for it again...sometimes we need constant training to ensure we don't slip into 'poor me' syndrome.

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