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  • Voting Local 2010,

    Despite myself I am standing for election - not for the publicity - I work for a DHB and have worked in the criminal justice system, but because our Council thinks it is allright to act without accountability. We need a change, I coudl be aprt of that, also we desperately need to respecta dn conserve the environemnt, stop polluting streams, rivers and building over acquifers.
    I live in Christchurch and choose to so do. I turned down State Services Commission bribes and have eked out a living here, instead, teaching, being a tutor and social worker and now I want a Council that understands! That knows from experience what middle and lower NZ wants a voice on! I think I can make a difference, I can certainly research, ask questions and listen analytically!
    Vote for a conscience in Council, in Christchurch.

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  • Hard News: So far from trivial,

    The 'spin' put on Tony Veitch's violence (domestic violence); his assault (which must have gone on for some time to cause the injuries which hospitlaised the woman), on a vulnerable eprson and his attempt to get out of culpability and confronting his guilt, are mindblowing.

    I note that in an interview with another mindless sports person he's quoted as wanting not to ahve 'lurid' details ruin his announcement of his engagement. This really calls into question his understanding of what he did to his former partner.

    As a professional who has had decades of working in the fields of amily problems/violence/education/victim survival etc., I am deeply concerend that excuses are being made on the media outlets for Veitch. Maybe it's ecause he is invovled in sport and the perception is that sport allows vicarious aggression to be outed. Hey, let's get real, as Russell Brown has so rightly commented other persons in the media eye who have sport as their profession are also consistently being seen appearing in the Courts and being held publically accountable.

    The mention of money and a payout for silence is really a 'red herring' - there is no way any amount of money changes your emotional and physical affect from violent behaviour. All money does is allow you a bretahing space to reassert your life.

    Veitch needs to face aCourt trial for his actions. He needs to be seen to be enrolled on and to be made to attend a Stopping Violence programme and he needs to be otherwise ou of the 'public eye' and certainly no longer a 'media personality' sending the very worst message to males that effectively, "it's ok if you can get them to shut up about the beating."

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  • Readers' Tips,

    When travelling make a list of what you pack in your main baggage and keep it in your carry on. believe you me, if the Airlines lose your baggage it's invaluable. Another travel tip is to know the contact details of NZ embassies and have them in your cellphone if going anywheree dicey.

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  • Summer Holiday,

    Kia ora Russel
    Went across to OZ and specifically Melbourne, where it happened there was a commemorative walk/hikoi, at St Kilda to mark several years since Aboriginal Elder Michael Long had walked to CAnberra to once again protest a lack of work on his people's greivances/needs. Naturally as a KIWI who is involved with Te Tiriti and recognising indigenous rights, I participated, even helping face paint aboriginal children with their flag. Then there was the 21st Celebration of the founding of the Koorie Heritage Trust, so got involved there too, as I write about art and artists and there was a fantastic show by Deakin University Aboriginal art graduates, not to mention the chance to look around their Library which has Gazettes back to the 1880s and is a wealth of information on both Aboriginal issues, traditions and problems also with settlers and governments. It was set up by Jim Berg, who told me he had an elderly woman approach him with artefacts wanting him to take care of a family grinding stone and on that he and two lawyer friends built the KHT. I enjoyed my time on the Melbourne rivers too, the Maribyrnong and tales of its Aboriginal heritage from the Captain of the 'Magpie' and of European settlers aaas well as the trip down and up the Yarra, with a Captain called Bernie, who had a good natured ANZAC joke going, but one-upped him easily!!! Kia ora Juliana Venning

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