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  • Hard News: A very roundabout review of…,

    I have an ASD friend, 19 going on 20 and with no hope of employment. She struggles daily with trying to find a job so I applaud your children and their support system which has identified strengths they will be able to turn into paid work. Just getting an interview with simple work experience is almost beyond her. WINZ is no help: will pay her to go to some waste of space tertiary course, but no assistance with getting to work experience in the nearest city. Her family is small and supportive but her birth date is against her in many ways - born a few years later and maybe her future would be different.

    Thanks for sharing and bringing your readers up to date with your sons progress at 'integrating' into our hard-with-difference society. We've learnt to be tolerant of race etc but are not yet tolerant of those who are different like my friend and your sons. All the best.

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  • Busytown: A Classical Education: Chapter…,

    My lad does, and "WHAT THE!" is heard rather a lot around our house

    I first came across this watching early series of Rove, before John Howard lost the Kirribilly House to live in. I have been giving him the credit ever since! Great expression for all ages.

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  • OnPoint: Did you know we're in a recession?,

    I thank you, Keith, for the conciseness of your original post, the complex ideas you address so clearly, your followup comments, and you just being you. thank you. Keep on....

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  • Stories: Famous blue raincoats, etc,

    Zip went about five years ago but still real comfy ...

    Best to get the zip replaced - any good tailoring/repairs shop in D will be able to get you back into it, and warm and dry! Same for relining favourite jacket/coat. Oh yes ....

    Had a beautiful Marilyn Sainty long swagger coat made from cashmere mix. When the polyester lining went after a couple of years I had it relined with a nearly black and white stripe. Fabulous until some animal stole it from a do at a hotel. I miss that one so much. Got it in a sale and the CPW was down to cents.

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