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    I’ve just recently traveled back from Santa Barbara and had the experience of purchasing products from an up market dispensary ( ). I thought I’d share the retail experience, which was certainly different from Amsterdam coffee shop.

    I’ll say up front that the whole experience was great. To enter, you had to provide ID to a security desk before you were buzzed into the secure retail space.

    Processed cannabis products (edibles, tinctures, oils, etc) were on shelves around the store perimeter. In the middle of the store were 4 glass lidded cabinets containing 6-8 jars of (organic) flower each. Each jar had a weight, description of effect, strain information (Sativa, Hybrid, Indica) and THC/CBD (and sometimes terpine) percentage. You could smell the flower, but a staff member would hold the jar. You weren’t allowed to touch. They also stocked pre-rolled joints for some of the strains, but not all.

    If you decided to buy something you informed one of the staff and they would assemble your purchase behind the counter, which you then pay for and leave. They were not allowed to sell any paraphernalia. Not even matches.

    I visited twice. The first visit I purchased two pre-rolled joints (Sativa – Acapulco Gold, Hybrid – Jillybean), $13 dollars each and a bag of 20 (5 mg) Nelson orange gummies for $25. The second visit I purchased one pre-rolled joint (Indica – can’t remember the name) $13 and a 5 gram of cannabis jar (Sativa – can’t remember the name) for $32. Each pre-rolled joint required 2-3 evenings for 2 adults to finish. We didn’t finish the jar (I was there for 8 weeks) All of the effects were as stated.

    For the quality and potency the price was extremely reasonable. Especially if I know exactly what I’m getting. Assuming everything goes well next year, I look forward to a similar experience here.

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    Oh dear, I'm sorry I didn't credit you correctly Alex

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  • Hard News: Blockchain, what is it?,

    Hi Russell,

    Great intro, I'd actually just finished reading this, which is a great summary of ethereum. Personally, I'm looking forward when the internet and the information on it is literally owned by everyone.

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