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  • Hard News: The Internet Party, whatever happens, in reply to Emma Hart,

    I can see why some people may want to keep KDC in NZ for amusement value or because they sort of admire his outrageous entrepreneurialism. However, I cannot begin to fathom the kind of person who would actually vote for the Internet Party. The alliance with the left, the random left wing ideological stuff that has been sprinkled into the principles of the Internet Party, and the fact that KDC is clearly trying to use the political system to achieve a legal outcome would surely put off all those young well off liberals with their right wing leanings that an internet issue focused party party is supposed to appeal to. Then looking in the opposite direction, someone with a left wing ideology is probably going to have a problem voting for a guy who when all is said and done stands for piracy, flaunting his wealth and mistreating his "underlings". Then finally for anyone who just likes the KDC personality and doesn't care about either policies or principals, there is the fact that you cant actually vote for KDC but instead would have to vote for one of his unknown who would do it.. (By the way this isn't just meant as a rant against KDC I am genuinely curious to find out what sort of person the party could possibly appeal to.)

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