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  • Hard News: The Scientology front…, in reply to Simon Armstrong,

    I disagree with your disagreement. It's about health, not justice. See the evidence:

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  • Speaker: Correcting Auckland 2040's…,


    You are clearly well informed and totally on top of the details of the Unitary Plan process - well done.

    However, you are in a tiny minority of Auckland residents. Most of us lead busy lives running families, businesses and jobs. Yet what happens to our properties matters dearly to us.

    Your comment that "...if you did not submit to the Unitary Plan in 2014 because you were happy with what was proposed then and there have been changes now which you don’t like, then tough" is more than a bit rich.

    I, and it seems many others, did not in 2014 come across any obvious caveat that if I did not lodge a submission in support of the Proposed Unitary Plan, I would be barred from future submissions. And no, I did not have time to read the fine print of the process.

    Failure to widely advertise information that critically affects the democratic right to be heard of ordinary residents amounts to dis-empowerment.

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  • Hard News: Recreations,

    Man, you and John Tirman should not be surprised at bias in news coverage. Haven't you read Chomsky? The US media avoiding "hot" topics like the dead and suffering in Iraq is classically predictable, even inevitable.

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  • Hard News: TVNZ on Demand actually…,

    Hmmm... Never mind the Mac, there's no viewing pleasure running Firefox on Linux either. No video at all. Clicking on "Show me now!" results in "Access to this file is forbidden." Isn't DRM great?

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