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  • Random Play: The Cure -- for what ails you,

    I'm not a major Cure fan, I went along with my boyfriend and found myself impressed and enjoying the show.

    Well I enjoyed the first half at least, the bit before my boyfriend (an experienced and hardy concert-goer) collapsed and lost all vision and I had to assist him out with the help of a kindly stranger. Not drug or alcohol induced at all but most likely due to dehydration, excessive heat and strobe lighting. I was very glad the lovely St Johns people were on hand to assist and weren't dealing with prostate problems.

    It was my first visit to the Vector Arena and I found the sound quality fine but I did wonder about the security measures. We had a security guard telling everyone to sit down on the floor before the concert started. They said it was so they could control the number of people in the arena. I thought that was what tickets were for.

    Looking forward to Ryan Adams tomorrow night.

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  • Hard News: I'm marking Youth Week by…,

    Westpac has Visa Debit Card. You can use it like eftpos card, only with the funds you have in your bank account. But it is a Visa card so you can use it for online purchases. Only bank in NZ that has this services as far as I know and haven't seen them pushing it yet.

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  • Island Life: A Special Public Address Message,

    I'm sure you already know about this one Russell but other people might be interested.

    Daniel Tammet is a high-functioning autistic savant. He is the author of "Born on A Blue Day" a very inspiring book about his life and achievements. He has become a bit of a celebrity, particularly after he set a European record by reciting Pi from memory to 22,514 decimal places in a time of 5 hours. He has a web-site and blog at

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