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  • Hard News: Poor Choices,

    New Zealand really is a village sometimes. I agree with your summation of the DHC piece - I could see what she was trying to say about women aging in the media, but it lacked compassion and perhaps an understanding of the insidious nature of depression. The online bullying, life in the media, depression are a pretty toxic brew.
    But look at gossip columns in newspapers, online etc - that is just as much a form of bullying as twitter - isn't it time we had a look at the behaviour of some of those "journalists". Printing details of people's private lives because they are considered well-known is still a gross invasion of privacy, especially as the 'sources' often have malicious intent. We all need to a good hard look at how we treat others and how we would feel to have our lives subjected to such close examination in the public eye.

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  • Festival Fare,

    The Two Escobars was a great doco. If this was a movie you would think the entanglement of the lives of Pablo Escobar, the meglomaniacal drug lord, and Andres Escobar, the ethical and talented football player, far-fetched. That it was true makes for a remarkable and ultimately tragic tale. Try and see it if you missed it at the festival.
    The Joan Rivers doco was surprisingly good - very funny and she is one tough old broad. Interesting insight into the obssesive nature it takes to last 45 years in showbiz. Not to mention botox.
    Not sure about Housemaid - a Korean thriller - was gripping until the end when it went all The Omen like, but crikey - those Koreans are a bit raunchy. Some nervous laughter during the sex scenes! The baby-boomer generation is well represented. Very keen to see Winter's Bone, it got a good review from Roger Ebert.

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