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  • Hard News: Narcissists and bullies,

    The internet in general is not necessarily doing a good job.

    The Roast Busters page is back on Facebook - they opened a new one on Wednesday. I'm not going to link to it... although perhaps I should. Direct all the outrage and hate of the internet at them.

    I've reported the page to Facebook. I immediately (within 5 minutes) got a response back saying the page wasn't removed - so I went through their feedback process - one of their questions was "I understand Facebook's decision" - which I naturally strongly disagreed with because they didn't give a reason.

    I urge everyone to go find the page and do the same. Report it to Facebook. They need to get the hell off facebook, their personal accounts removed or suspended also.

    Oh and they also need prison terms and remedial counselling. It's going to be horrible for them to confront the reality of what they've done - they need to do this.

    I'm wondering in all this though - the old page was deleted, i'm hoping the Police can still get access to all the data on that page from Facebook. I thought their admissions of rape and the video footage would be admissable as evidence, surely?

    There are a bunch of marches against rape happening in many cities in a week or so. I'll be at the Wellington one. The more the better.

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