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  • Guy Fawkes,


    Good old Guido Fawkes. He didn't assassinate King James in 1604 and now we celebrate this non-event through blowing up small vials of gunpowder in remembrance of what didn't happen.
    Whilst I am please King Jimmy lived on, I am concerned that this celebration which pertains to the British has not continued in the spirit that was intended.

    The fountain of all knowledge -Wikipedia explains November 5th was to be a celebration of the king's escape "always provided that 'this testimony of joy be careful done without any danger or disorder'".

    So why is it, year after year, humans and/or animals become victims of what is supposed to be a "joyous" celebration?

    The danger and disorder of Guy Fawkes has marred its true purpose and I wonder….is the maiming of a life really worth it?

    King James might have been saved from being struck by gunpowder, but Guy Fawke's has certainly had his way in many others' lives since. Take a trawl through google to find out, just type in "firework+burn".

    There are many victories and non-disasters we could celebrate, is it time we change the meaning of November 5th?

    How many more lives will it take for us to decide?

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