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  • Cracker: Rate my Date,

    Funny topic, and in many ways true, ive been on that site and here,s a few of my findings,
    One was my ex which was interesting. Obviously no ones going to paint the dark or bad side of their character are they, but i do think a certain amount of honesty is required.
    In her case , and i wont dwell on it, the fact that she,s bipolar, been on prozac for in excess of fourteen years, in a mental home on two occaisions ( before we met) and comes from a very weird family where here father sleeps with her friends is,, well, sort of "overlooked". But like most relationships it does take some time for the real person to emerge, it is afterall a game of "sell yourself".

    Yet, i have met some interesting and genuine people on the site too, and now spending time with someone, so signed off. It really is a case of interpretation of the language used.
    Fun loving, = get me drunk and i,m any bodies, look young for my age = i cant hold my head up against the weight of makeup i wear.
    Reserved but given time i can express myself well = i have social phobias and suffer panic attacks, and have spent years in theraphy. Its my mothers fault, my fathers fault, but not my fault.
    Not materialistic= no matter how good looking or charming you are if you turn up in an old car and dont earn 200k a year, dont message me.
    Houswork is a nessesary evil= i,m an absolute slob incapable of motivating myself.
    Regulary eat out= mcdonalds addict.
    Average build= grossly fat.
    Slim = anorexic
    Talkative= self opinionated, bigoted.

    Its just a numbers game, and one in which i,m so damn glad i,m a male.

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