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  • Polity: Why did the TPP fail?, in reply to Andre,

    China, India and Japan are the major players in the so-called opposition investment treaty called RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) which the proponents including MFAT ambitiously say they want finalised by the end of 2016 – pigs fly too. (Japan is in TPP)

    It has similar problems as the TPP in respect to built in protection for investors through the use of ISDS (investor state dispute settlement) and extended IP and copyright protections.

    The point being that for the US domestic market and possibly the Chinese, the TPP vs RCEP competing treaties message is propaganda, as the arrangements in the deals are mirrors, also the same MO, negotiated with anal secrecy and all without any reference to the people in the respective nations. They being told, “nothing to see here” – “move along quietly” – “its good medicine"… must be medicine from Big Pharma.

    So who is driving these arrangements? Remember the MAI (Multilateral Agreement on Investment)?

    TPP, RCEP, TTIP, CETA, (and TiSA in relation to services liberalisation) are the MAI+plus – all are promoted at the behest of the transnational corporations (governments doing their bidding advancing these arrangements) – which highlights the lie about bull-shit state competitiveness.

    Once we competed as states, now the elites in each state are collaborators in a rigged game of attack against all the people.

    I imagine that post the US election, the US Establishment will activate their sock puppet (“Clinton Cash” video – 3 million views – ) to finalise and ratify the TPP.

    Unless the game is not rigged or double – double crossed and the wild card Trumps the Empress with no clothes.

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  • Speaker: TPP: This is a fight worth joining, in reply to Bart Janssen,

    How would it be bad for New Zealand to walk away from it?

    We are not gaining anything from it, are we?

    And the USA doesn't want our dairy, and do we want more dairy farms anyway?

    We have mutual trade arrangements with a number of the countries and one now with China. What's the worry? Do you think the World will suddenly stop buying our stuff?

    Or are you worried that Disneyland will stop sending their latest versions of the Capitalist propaganda?

    What do we lose please tell?

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