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  • Legal Beagle: Fact check: Q+A on mayoral…, in reply to Matthew Hooton,

    Do all these right-wing identities have a similarly slack attitude to legal compliance for their business interests?

    It's hardly difficult to find out the law, you don't need a QC, just go to Google, type in "Local Government Act", pull the page up and search for "election":

    Extraordinary vacancy in local authority or community board

    (1) If a vacancy occurs in the office of a member of a local authority or in the office of an elected member of a community board more than 12 months before the next triennial general election, the vacancy must be filled by an election under this Act.

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  • Hard News: Moving right along?,

    And on Kiwiblog and Whaleoil. That’s quite a lot of readers

    Less than 10,000, if you exclude bots?

    Not an electorally significant population - it's more that journalists give these sites more credence than they deserve.

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